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– Hampstead Heath

Kenwood House

Kenwood HouseProject Overview

Kenwood House is a Grade 1 listed building originating from the 17th century. It was remodelled to designs by Robert Adam in the 1760’s, at which time the ionic portico over the front entrance was added. The building is now the HQ for English Heritage.

During a major refurbishment during 2012-­‐13, the front elevation was restored to its 1780’s condition. After two years of research and trials, Campbell Smith & Co specialists carried out substrate repairs prior to application of ‘sanding’, a technique intended to imitate stone texture, and common at the time the re-­‐modelling of the facade was undertaken. Dry sand was ‘strewn’ (cast) into wet oil paint, allowed to dry, followed by a further application. Extensive trials were undertaken to establish the correct colour of sand, and the best method of application. The method finally chosen was to spray the sand through a gun. 4mm Ashlar lines were formed in the finish by the use of special tape, which was removed when the final application was wet.

The project was profiled in an article ‘Sands of Time’ in the Spring 2014 edition of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings magazine, written by English Heritage and in which the work of Campbell Smith & Co features prominently. Copies of this are available.


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