Campbell Smith & Co Ltd

Since 1873, the name of Campbell Smith & Co Ltd has been synonymous with expert advice and experienced consultancy services, united with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Our portfolio includes the conservation and care of many National Monuments, Palaces and Houses, Museums and Galleries, Cathedrals and Churches, as well as historic and modern buildings requiring fine decoration with traditional skill and care.

Campbell Smith & Co holds extensive information on historic decorative schemes that have been both proposed and executed since 1873, including detailed drawings, hand-painted scale watercolours, details of earlier finishes and many other invaluable historic documents that will assist curators, architects and owners in obtaining accurate information about the decorative history of their buildings without any material intervention to the current scheme.

Campbell Smith and Co Ltd is a trading company within the Cousins Group (Contractors) Ltd organisation, in which the other primary trading company is Cousins Ltd