Shah Jahan Mosque

Woking, Surrey

The Shah Jahan Mosque was built in 1889 and was the first purpose-built mosque in the UK and Northern Europe; it is now a Grade II listed building with historical significance nationally and internationally.

Campbell Smith & Co undertook a major internal and external redecoration of the mosque during the spring and summer of 2016, which included:

To prevent further water ingress, a waterproofing system was applied to the zinc dome and tinted to represent the Masjid Nabawi dome in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Gilding to the crescent finial on the onion dome, mini dome finials and star banding - all carried out in 23.5 carat double thickness gold leaf. Decoration to all external elements including filigree spandrels and joinery. Repair to the marbled panels to the apse and the recreation of the 99 names of Allah in the corners of the prayer room.

The decorations of the interior were undertaken on a like-for-like basis to the domed ceiling and walls. The Mosque Committee expressed their pleasure in the quality of the finish and the respectful approach toward to the building, the Mosque staff and worshippers by our team.