A successful and appropriate execution of design is dependent upon great knowledge and experience.

For over 150 years the art of gilding, eglomise and gold embellishment has been our passion and an essential part of our repertoire of decorative finishes. Campbell Smith’s award-winning team continue to build upon our expertise in gilding techniques to historic and contemporary interiors and fine arts.

Our projects include the Runnymede Air forces War Memorial, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Fishmongers Hall, the National Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral.


Runnymede Airforces Memorial

Campbell Smith & Co have built up a strong relationship with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and have had the privilege in completing a series of conservation projects at the Air Forces War Memorial in Runnymede.

The final project at the memorial began in early 2021, the conservation and restoration to Astral Corona. The composite metal structure was sensitively treated, with corrosion removed and selective repairs undertaken. The decorative scheme was restored with Air Force blue and gilded once again, with the nickel and brass buttons revealed after removal of a heavy accumulation of paint and corrosion products. The domed ceiling in the tower additionally was conserved and several hidden stars were reinstated.

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Fishmongers Hall

Extensive gilding was carried out to the cornice which consisted of Bob and Reel, Egg and Dart and Leaf mouldings and the Frieze was colour matched and retouched by hand with gold paint. The dentils were hand sanded and squared off before receiving the new colour scheme.

Ceiling roses within the coffers received a new colour scheme of white inlays with gold outside edges for enhancement and the Greek key to the coffers were gilded.

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Theatre Royal Drury Lane

The auditorium ceiling, with its composite, historic decorative schemes underwent a series of explorative conservation cleaning trials. The goal was to devise an effective non-destructive and efficient conservation treatment methodology to reveal the original plaster ornamentation and historic gilded surfaces, and to unify the complex decorative strata with selective, specialist colour matching.

Newly installed fibrous plaster works received a high-quality, cohesive finish to integrate with the historic plaster which remained in situ. Our skilled craftspeople undertook specialist marbling techniques to create the impression of naturally sourced materials such as marbles and Porphyry.

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How it works

All our projects begin in the spirit of good conservation practice. Planned works begin with an initial non-destructive condition survey and technical assessment. If you have a conservation project, Campbell Smith will establish the substrate, method, and process employed in the historic gilding and advise on an appropriate conservation strategy.

Contact our experienced team to discuss your specific requirements and guide you through the options for your project.